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Character: Do you walk your talk?

The first of the 5C’s of Trustworthiness is CHARACTER. The question being asked about you by others in your circle is simply “Do you walk your talk?” Let’s dissect that question. First, your TALK. What are your VALUES? Are they positive and admirable — inspiring and deserving respect and approval? Are they shared by the other

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Character: Who are you?

High-Trust Leadership requires authenticity. It is more about who you are than what you say or the role you play. Sure, you need to have presence and be effective and efficient in vision, strategy, execution, and accountability. But if what you do is not consistent with who you are, your actions ring hollow, you inspire

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Trust requires truth-tellers

The person you see in the mirror each morning is not the person everyone else sees. Why? Because they are not you. They see you through their own experiences, perspective, and filters. And beyond a select few in your inner circle, you can’t know how you are being perceived by others. That’s why you need

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