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Character — the accumulation of things we actually do each day

On this Father’s Day, I’m sharing an excerpt from a 2008 commencement address that James Fallows gave at his father’s alma mater, Ursinus College, outside Philadelphia. He shared three ideas with the graduates that are as important today as they were 11 years ago: challenge, curiosity, and character. Full text is HERE. Here’s what he

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Connection: step off the Hedonic Treadmill

Gratitude is a powerful emotion with many benefits, including better health, improved relationships, and a sense of humility that allows for greater empathy. In contrast, it becomes obvious when you think of someone you know who is ungrateful and carries a large sense of entitlement. Feeling and expressing gratitude helps build trust with those who

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Competence: change have-to to want-to

High-Trust Leaders are uncommon. One of the reasons they are uncommon is they are willing to do work that others shy away from: the mundane, the routine, the uncomfortable, the frustrating, the re-do to get it right, the unappreciated, the boring. We often refer to these tasks as “have-to” tasks. Every significant project, mission, role,

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