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Competence: Seeking mastery

The question being asked is “Are you skilled enough to be our leader? our teammate? our coach? our teacher? our parent? etc. Keeping the focus on professional relationships (for the moment), what would it take to be world-class in your current position? Why would you settle for something less?   Here is today’s BFO (Blinding

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Competence: Perfect Practice

The Blue Angels don’t believe “practice makes perfect.”  They believe practice makes consistency and if you’re practicing poorly, haphazardly, indifferently, or infrequently, that’s the result you’ll get. Instead, the Blues believe “Perfect practice makes perfect.” That’s why they never just go flying.  Even when no one is watching, they march to their jets, climb in,

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10 Rules of Trust

1. Trust is the glue for all relationships. 2. Trust is a reward that must be earned every day. 3. In order to be trusted, you must be trustworthy. 4. When evaluating your own trustworthiness, your opinion is interesting, but not sufficient. Truth-tellers are vital for feedback. 5. The five interdependent pillars of trustworthiness (5C’s)

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