“Flying fighter jets in training and combat in the unforgiving environment of an aircraft carrier at sea — as well as high-speed and very low altitude formation acrobatics — was a unique thrill and privilege. But, what gave me the greatest lasting satisfaction was helping to build high performance leaders and teams.”

Captain George Dom, USN Ret., High-Trust Leadership NetworkFounder of High-Trust Leadership Network, Captain George Dom is a former naval officer and aviator with a career that includes key leadership positions in high performance organizations, including four aircraft carrier fighter squadrons and commander of the air wing on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS John F. Kennedy.  He was also an instructor/pilot at the Navy Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) and commanding officer/flight leader of the Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron. Today, Captain Dom is a highly respected business aviation manager, speaker, and leadership consultant to Fortune 500 corporations, private companies and individuals.

Achieving individual and collective high performance requires High-Trust Leadership and Focused Engagement.  This is true in sports, the military, medical teams, and in the business world.  Through daily, deliberate, intentional effort, a culture of high-trust and fully engaged leaders and “wingmen” can be developed at all levels.

A high-trust team is a ‘force-multiplier’ achieving results exponentially greater than the sum of the individuals.

“For an organization like the Navy where there is no ‘lateral entry’ (we couldn’t hire a squadron commander from the business world) leadership development was not just the key to success, but crucial to survival.”

As a former coach with the Human Performance Institute, George can share the science behind developing what Dr. Jim Loehr refers to as Full Engagement: “the acquired ability to intentionally invest your full and best energy right here, right now.”

“I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my keynote presentations, workshops, and coaching engagements could benefit you, your leadership team, and your organization — together we can unleash the human talent in your group to achieve exceptional results, customer/employee satisfaction, and shareholder value.” — George Dom

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NOTE: As a former career U.S. Navy officer and aviator, Captain Dom’s comments and writings do not necessarily represent the views of the Blue Angels, the Navy Fighter Weapons School, the U.S. Navy, or the Department of Defense.