Speaking Presentations

1. High-Trust Leadership and Teamwork

Extraordinary TEAMS that consistently perform at high levels are a result of many factors, but arguably the most important is TRUST. Nowhere is this more evident than in flight demonstration teams – pilots who literally put their lives in the hands of their wingmen every day to expand the limits of individual and collective performance.

How does this happen? How do LEADERS create the atmosphere and dynamics that repeatedly drive these extraordinary results? And how can you take those lessons and apply them to your team back on the job?

Elite military teams and professional organizations face many of the same challenges. Fast-paced technological advances, increased pressure to deliver new and better results, team members with different work styles and personalities, time pressures, and limited resources are just a few of the parallels between the two worlds, resulting in high risk, high stress and little margin for error.

Analyzing the parallels can instruct, inspire, and better equip you to build an exceptional TEAM with improved performance, engagement, innovation, resilience, and retention.

In this interactive presentation, participants will join Captain George Dom, USN (Ret), former Commanding Officer and Flight Leader of the Blue Angels to:

  • Understand why HIGH-TRUST LEADERSHIP is critical to individual and organizational high performance;
  • Discover the core ingredients in achieving HIGH-TRUST in individuals and organizations;
  • Develop an individual action plan to apply the lessons of HIGH-TRUST to your most important relationships;

You will not only be given the key element of high-performing teams, but you’ll also gain insights into what it is like as a member of the elite Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron with “behind the scenes” video footage of a high-trust team in action.

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2. Personal High-Performance

It seems that life demands more of us every year: at work, home, and in every aspect of our lives. Meanwhile the pace of modern society is accelerating as we try to keep up. Every day is a challenge to perform at our best.

What are some of the habits and mental exercises you can develop to bring your A-game everyday — despite the pressures, stress, distractions, and challenges of modern life?  What lessons can we learn from those who routinely perform at the highest levels of excellence in extreme, unforgiving environments?
Captain George Dom, USN(Ret), former Flight Leader and Commanding Officer of the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, is ready to share the secrets of personal high performance. Over a 70-year history of pushing the limits of man and machine, the Blue Angels developed ways to ensure all six pilots perform at their best every day: physically, mentally, and emotionally. These lessons can be applied by anyone who wants to make the most of every day at whatever activity matters to them.

·   The 4-phase cycle of achieving mastery in a skill and adapting to change.
·   Accepting constructive feedback as a gift.
·   Overcoming inertia, setbacks, and discouragement.
·   Building and managing your energy.
·   Investing in routines to build value-based habits, the auto-pilot of success.

In engaging presentations and in-depth workshops, Captain Dom shares a framework with practical applications so attendees can learn to perform at a very high level — not now and then, not once in a while — but every day. Illustrated with thrilling proprietary videos and photos of the Blue Angels in action, participants will be engaged, energized, and ready to begin applying these valuable, life-changing lessons immediately!

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