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Connection: resolve conflict with Rapoport’s Rules

Remember the question associated with CONNECTION, the 4th C of trustworthiness? “Do they believe I understand them?” Or when considering a 1:1 relationship, “Does she believe I understand her?” It’s much easier to connect with someone you agree with. You are already in alignment. Much harder to connect with someone who disagrees with you. How

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Connection: accept genuine hospitality

Hospitality — generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests : hospitable treatment. Many cultures and religions have strong traditions of extending hospitality, even to strangers. Often because it originated as a matter of survival. During early days, helping others was necessary for survival of the species. Along the way, extending hospitality was woven into

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Commitment & Connection: set standards, not rules

Every December before commencing pre-season Winter Training, the Blue Angels have an all-hands meeting. Its purpose is to get everyone on the same page by clearly defining the team’s values and its mission. It is a time of reflection and story-telling as the new members of the team begin their assimilation and the returning members

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