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Character: use reminders to live with integrity.

The first C of trustworthiness: Character. The question being asked of you: “Do you walk your talk?” If you walk your talk, you have integrity. Honesty is aligning your words with reality. Integrity is acting in accordance with your words. When you don’t walk your talk, you’re a hypocrite. People can be hypocritical for a

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Communication: nobody wants to read your sh#t.

The biggest communication problem for leaders is the presumption it has occurred. “I sent the email to the team; they got the word.” “I gave the speech; they heard me.” “I explained it to him on the phone; he gets it.” They don’t get it. At least not yet. Why not? You’ve been thinking about

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WIIFM? Because trust is rewarded.

Building trust isn’t complicated. It doesn’t require special skills or schooling. It’s simple, but not easy because it requires discipline and consistency. It takes time and demands continual effort to live the 5C’s of trustworthiness. Why should you care? Why should you do this work to become a better leader and teammate? “What’s in it

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