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Competence: change have-to to want-to

High-Trust Leaders are uncommon. One of the reasons they are uncommon is they are willing to do work that others shy away from: the mundane, the routine, the uncomfortable, the frustrating, the re-do to get it right, the unappreciated, the boring. We often refer to these tasks as “have-to” tasks. Every significant project, mission, role,

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Charismatic Leader vs. High-Trust Leader

Many times people say things and I’ll think, “YES! That’s what I’m thinking.” During a Knowledge Project podcast, Jennifer Garvey Berger beautifully described the difference between a Charismatic Leader and a Great [High-Trust] Leader: “…So much of leadership ability is about how other people experience themselves in your presence. So, a great [High-Trust] leader has

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COMMITMENT: The Power of Story

High performance teams that achieve and sustain extraordinary levels of success have many characteristics in common, but likely the most important is a powerful, inspirational story. By story, I don’t mean some fanciful mumbo-jumbo that is posted on the corporate website or hanging in the headquarter’s lobby. I mean an aspirational narrative that is grounded

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