Making a Difference in the New Year

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Ahhhh, another New Year. New beginnings. A chance to rededicate ourselves to the people and goals we value most. The internet is flooded with advice. I’ll add mine to the pile.

What will make the biggest difference for you in 2019 — people or things?

If you answered, “things,” this post won’t be much help. Better do an internet search regarding budgeting, sales, financial planning, comparisons, etc. If you’re looking to get away from living paycheck-to-paycheck, take a look at YNAB (You Need a Budget).

If you answered, “people,” let’s get started:

  1. Make a list of your top-3 roles:
    • family – parent / son / daughter / grandparent / etc.
    • work – executive / supervisor /  solo-preneur / consultant / freelancer / etc.
    • community – volunteer / member / PTA / Rotary / non-profit / etc.
  2. Identify a key person in each role; someone who is important in your success.
  3. For each person, reflect on your relationship and which of the 5C’s of Trust would have the biggest impact in making it stronger, deeper, more satisfying.
    • Character — Is there a promise to be kept? An apology to be made?
    • Commitment — Have you been taking this person for granted? Does he or she know how important they are to you?
    • Competence — What is one thing you could do to raise your game in this role?
    • Connection — Have you made time to listen? Does he or she believe you understand their challenges, goals. ideas, contribution? When was the last time you acknowledged his or her importance in a meaningful way?
    • Communication — Does she or he understand you? How do you know?
  4. Pick ONE of the 5C-actions for each of the three people each week for four weeks.  Schedule it on your January calendar. That’s it; once a week for three people for four weeks. Then just do it and see what happens.
    • Tip: keep it simple. Make the action relatively easy. Just showing up each week will be half the battle. Your actions to improve the relationships will be icing on the cake.
  5. Set a reminder for Jan 31 to review for accountability.
    • Did you keep your word each week? If not, ask yourself how important is the relationship?
    • Did they notice?
    • What was the effect?
    • Should you rinse and repeat for February?

Be a High-Trust Leader: invest proactively in three relationships that matter and watch them improve and grow because trust is the air all relationships breathe.

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