Commitment: keep your mission statement handy

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Being on an important MISSION helps us build and sustain COMMITMENT.

When our purpose is clear, intense, and deep, we will dig down within ourselves to enthusiastically overcome the challenges, sacrifices, and temporary suffering needed to succeed.

Previously we’ve covered the importance of having a clear vision and purpose to a High-Trust Leader.

Your team is hungry to know WHY the mission is important; why doing this work matters.

And when your team, your boss, your peers, your clients, your vendors, etc. know you are COMMITTED, that you will play to win no matter what, they will trust you more.

You must routinely refresh and reinvigorate the vision and purpose of the mission in order to inspire yourself and your team.

When was the last time you put together a jigsaw puzzle? We have a family tradition of putting together a puzzle over the Christmas and New Year holiday season.  We spread out the pieces on the table and place the box cover nearby so everyone can see what the puzzle will look like when finished. We scan across all the pieces, pick out one that looks promising, consider where it belongs in the finished picture, and then see where it could fit with the pieces already connected.

Imagine how hard it would be to put the puzzle together without the picture on the box cover.

How can you expect to accomplish great things if you are not clear about your purpose?

How will you avoid compromising and settling for less if your mission statement is gathering dust on a shelf or in a rarely viewed notebook?


Take 15 minutes to review and refresh your mission statement today. How can you make it more accessible so it stays top-of-mind? 

Be a High-Trust Leader: keep your purpose/mission statement close by and refer to it often as you deal with the puzzle-pieces of life.

Hint: try Post-It notes on your bathroom mirror and in your car.

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