Are you a finisher?

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Many self-improvement books and blogs exhort their readers to “get started,” “ignite,” “initiate action,” “just do it!”

And while taking the first step can be challenging for many, FINISHING STRONG is equally, if not more daunting; especially for talented people with lots of great ideas.

Starting something new is exciting, full of possibilities, with rosy outcomes imagined. Being on the ground floor of a new initiative is intoxicating as excited teammates brainstorm and launch something new.

Then, along the way, reality sets in: challenges to overcome, unexpected delays and frustrations, the inherent friction and elbow grease required to turn great ideas into something tangible that delivers value. Over time, the sheen wears off amid pressures, criticisms, and fatigue as you face what Steven Pressfield refers to as “Resistance”.

Meanwhile, we are deluged with new ideas, new info, new opportunities. And because we’re talented and love considering possibilities, we take our eye off the current, ongoing project or task and our energy required for completion becomes dissipated. We may get to the finish line, but it’s not the crescendo of success we had imagined at the beginning.

Even “productive” people can be poor finishers:

“If you are productive without harboring this intense desire for completion, you will end up just being busy. We all know the feeling. You work all day off of your to-do list. Everything is organized. Everything is scheduled. Yet, still, months pass with no important projects getting accomplished.”  — Cal Newport

Lots of people are energetic starters; fewer are energetic finishers.

Be a High-Trust Leader: walk your talk by being a strong finisher.