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Making a New Year’s Resolution that lasts

As 2017 comes to a close, media is full of ideas for making changes in our lives. Some are successful while many, unfortunately, are not. There are many reasons why resolutions fail:

Here are my suggestions for making successful change:

1. Pick one change you want to make; one habit you want to develop.
2. Take out a blank piece of paper and write about the change you want.
3. Design a specific ritual that you will do each day to achieve your resolution.
4. If done regularly, with full attention and commitment for 30 days, the ritual will become a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you can move on to the next resolution, and then the next, building habits that support your values and becoming the person you want to be.
Rather than making positive, lasting change only once a year, why not make a “New Quarter Resolution every three months?
What difference would it make in your life if you made FOUR key personal changes in 2018? Would others notice? How would you feel this time next year?
Be a High-Trust Leader: Make resolutions that last.
Thanks to my good friend Jim Loehr for sharing his proven insights, lessons, and inspiration on making personal change.


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