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Trust is a passport

Ken Sande describes the importance of TRUST as the pathway to deeper relationships with those who matter to us.

A passport is an authorization to go someplace you have no inherent right to be.

In relational terms, it is the permission that people give to others to enter into their lives, to learn their secrets, to know their struggles, to offer advice and correction.

If you want others to allow you into their lives — to have real relationship with them — you must earn a relational passport. The best way to do so is to relate to others in such a way that they would answer “yes” to three key questions, each of which encompasses a variety of sub-questions that roll around in people’s minds when they are thinking of opening up to you:

Too many leaders mistakenly think they were issued a passport with their promotion or their new title.

Too many parents think they were automatically granted a passport with their child’s birth certificate.

There are no shortcuts to a relational version of a visa or legal immigration. It must be earned.

Be a High-Trust Leader: earn your passports to the hearts and minds of those who matter; don’t let them expire through neglect.

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