10 Rules of Trust

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1. Trust is the glue for all relationships.

2. Trust is a reward that must be earned every day.

3. In order to be trusted, you must be trustworthy.

4. When evaluating your own trustworthiness, your opinion is interesting, but not sufficient. Truth-tellers are vital for feedback.

5. The five interdependent pillars of trustworthiness (5C’s) are:

  • Character: “Do you walk your talk?”
  • Commitment: “Will you be there when times are tough and play to win?”
  • Competence: “Are you skilled enough?” and “Are you relevant?”
  • Connection: “Do they believe you understand them?”
  • Communication: “Are you clear, concise, and direct? Was your message received?”

6. In all high performance teams, a High-Trust culture is a strategic imperative, achieved both individually and collectively. Teams recruit for it, they train to build it, they hold each other accountable for it, they promote based on it, they recognize/reward it…and will fire someone quickly if irreparably lost.

7. When Trust goes up, so does engagement, speed, productivity, quality, innovation, morale, retention, and resilience…and costs go down.

8. The leader is responsible for building a High-Trust culture. Everyone must be a leader in building their own trustworthiness and the team’s culture of trust.

9. You can’t lead anyone farther than you’ve led yourself.

10. There is a power of attraction to high-trust people:

Everyone wants you on their team.

Everyone wants to be on your team, including customers/clients and family.